Se publicó la hoja de ruta del movimiento de Hardware Abierto para ciencia abierta!

link al roadmap

Executive Summary

The ability to use, study, replicate, and improve scientific instrumentation is a central part of experimental science, and plays a crucial role in public life, research, and action. However, these activities are currently restricted by proprietary instrumentation, which is difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain, since they cannot be fully inspected, evaluated, or customized. This situation is fundamentally detrimental to the production of knowledge and its potential for creating equitable and sustainable solutions. The Open Science Hardware (OScH) community therefore seeks to bring together developers and users of scientific tools and research infrastructures to support the pursuit and growth of knowledge through global access to hardware for science.

This document describes what is required for Open Science Hardware to become ubiquitous by 2025, laying out challenges and opportunities and recommending concrete actions. These actions include:

  • Creating institutional and funding support structures
  • Preparing guidelines for hardware designers, funders, users and newcomers on key aspects of OScH development, such as quality control and standards compliance, licensing, documentation standards, and social and ethical aspects of scientific work
    Involving the members of the OScH community in the task of elaborating an assessment framework for OScH projects
  • Using the results of collaborative research to build a common pool of open educational resources
  • Creating mentorship programs and support networks to increase diversity in the OScH community


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Imagen en un articulo de HARPER`S :)

Articulo completo en


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Finalizó el taller “DNA fab and Open Hardware for SynBio”

Este taller se desarrolló en la Universidad Austral con la participación de Tim Rudge, Mihails Delmans and Daniel Luhr.  Se dictaron tutoriales de Rapsberry Pi, Beagle board, FluoPi, LOOP DNA assembly, OpenSCAD y uCube.

Nota en Austral Valdivia.

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Primer taller/tutorial de herramientas abiertas para la fabricación de ADN (“DNA fab”)

Finalizó con éxito el primer taller tutorial de Golden Gate, Gibson Assembly y LOOP assembly para fabricar vectores de ADN a gran escala, bajo costo, libre acceso y de manera simple. Se evaluó la importancia de contar con herramientas open source para la fabricación de herramientas genéticas y el rol que cumpliría un openMTA para articular interacción universidad-sociedad de manera libre. Libertad de acceso a las herramientas creadas con fondos públicos!

Complete photo album here

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Our LOOP assembly manuscript now in Biorxiv!

Open access DNA fab tools for plant systems (Biorxiv)


Untitled 3

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Iniciativa Milenio: Open Technologies workshop at Universidad de Atacama

We did the last workshop of the year in Universidad de Atacama, Copiapó. We explored the use of cell free in vitro biology, open source DNA fab tools, bio-fabrication methods based on bacteria and fungi, bio-luminiscence from local -and foreign- microorganisms, and low cost microscopes. We learned a lot of fossil recognition from experts at the Geology division of UdA, who are using open hardware to build specialised microscopes from our project (OSF link soon). Thanks to Edgardo Hinojosa and Iniciativa Milenio!

Hicimos nuestro último taller de tecnologías abiertas del año en Universidad de Atacama, Copiapó. Trabajamos con sistemas cell free in vitro, herramientas de ensamblaje de ADN open source, métodos de bio-fabricación con bacteria y fungi, bio-luminiscencia con microorganismos locales y foráneos, y microscopios de bajo costo. Aprendimos mucho sobre reconocimiento de fósiles de expertos de la unidad de Geología de UdA, quienes están usando open hardware para construir sus propios microscopios a partir de nuestro proyecto (OSF link soon). Gracias a Edgardo Hinojosa y a la Iniciativa Milenio!



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15.16 Dic. Taller de Microscopia Open Source en Copiapó!



Inscripción aquí

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