We work at PUC (Chile) and  OpenPlant – University of Cambridge (UK).  We promote open technologies for bioengineering, science and education. We are part of the GOSH and TECNOx open technology movements.

i) Bioengineering tools (e.g  robust characterization of genetic parts)
ii) Open source technology (e.g. Open Educational Resources , LOOP DNA fab tool)
iii) Multicellular organization (e.g. Fractals, Tractable deformation)
iv) Low Cost and Open Hardware Microscopy (e.g. Comunicaciones Especulativas)
v) Education (e.g. Bakubung report, open tech workshops) and capacity building (e.g UK-Africa GCRFLabfd-UST Mendoza; and TReND in Africa)
vi) Design and architecture (e.g. Synthetic Aesthetics, RedFungi)

Protocols openly shared at Protocols.io
Code openly shared at SynBioUC GitHUB
Projects openly shared at Open Science Framework

We work with Jim Haseloff, Gudy KauselKeymer Lab, Backyard Brains, Neil Dalchau, Rodrigo Gutierrez, Endy Lab, Phil Ross, Biodesign FADEU, Facundo Martin & Nano Castro,  Rudge lab, Ale Nadra Peter von Dassow, FONDAP-CRG  & Nacho Sanchez

Short Bio:
I was born in Mendoza, Argentina, and I am a Boca Juniors fan. I studied two years of Engineering  and three of Biology. I worked one year at the Alvarez-Buylla lab (UNAM) before moving to Cambridge to do a PhD in Biological Sciences at Jim Haseloff ´s lab. All my education has been kindly supported by the free educational system of Argentina and international scholarships from  JP II Foundation; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Becas LIDER.

Contact details:
email: ffederici at bio.puc.cl

Departamento Genética Molecular y Microbiología – Fac. Cs Biológicas.  Universidad Católica de Chile. Alameda 340. Santiago. Chile
– OR –
Instituto de Ingeniería Biológica y Médica. 7mo piso Edificio Ciencia y Tecnología. Avda. Vicuña Mackena 4860, Macul. Campus San Joaquín. Santiago, Chile

Lab images and personal collection
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.