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Microscopy for scientific and artistic purposes.

The vast majority of images from the microscale have been generated from a scientific/engineering viewpoint. With the aim of exploring other narratives, we use microscopy and biological systems in collaborative projects with artists, musicians, designers and architects.

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Low Cost and Open Source Microscopes:

With the aim of facilitating these technologies to a wider community, we are working on the construction of a low cost imaging system based on open hardware, easy-to-use genetic resources, long stoke shift fluorescent proteins and python/jupyter for hardware control and data analysis  (article here and all data at OSF). The project is funded by OpenPlant Open Technologies Grant and Fondecyt.

We hope these instruments will contribute to the development of low cost teaching resources for high schools, DIYbio labs and biohacking spaces. This will also facilitate their use in artistic projects that would enrich our understanding of things (in the same way photography has done it).

If you want to use microscopy for a non-scientific aim and don´t have access to a microscope, get in touch.

My work with microscopes has been possible thanks to the support and guidance from Jim Haseloff. Our work has been awarded by international contests such as Nikon Small World, Wellcome Trust Image Awards and Olympus Bioscapes, and it has been featured on several places such as BBC news,  WIRED Magazine and Gizmodo, among many others.


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Links of DIY microscopy:
We like to promote the fabrication and use of amazing scopes being developed elsewhere (links below)