Participamos del panel “Design with the living” en el Design Museum de Londres.

Jen Keane, F. Federici, Jenny Molloy, Marcos Cruz, Phil Ayres, Yessica Méndez, Jane Scott, Natalie Alima, Mitchel Joachim, Claudia Pasquero, Paolo Bombelli, Sheila Cooke, Lucy Montgomery, Naomi Nakayama, Flora Girard, Irene Agrivina Widyanigrum, Nada Tarkhan, y Emeka Okafor

Can designing with living systems be the change we need in the context of today’s current environmental and ecological challenges?

In recent years, bio-design has emerged as an innovative new discipline that uses biological processes to create sustainable approaches to design, building and fabrication. From collaborating with living organisms such as mycelium to using artificial intelligence to guide the growth of plants, these designers and architects are exploring new ways to shape our material world in ways that are respectful of our planetary boundaries.

In this annual symposium, we are interested in exploring how this area of design is developing across global regions, and in critically discussing how it needs to evolve to address today’s environmental and ecological challenges.

Design with the Living aims to provide a space for critique and to drive an annual review of the agency of ‘design with the living’ in a global perspective. It is co-organised by the Design Museum, the Design & Living Systems Lab (Central Saint Martins UAL), The Bio ID Lab (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL) and the British Council.

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