Nuestro trabajo en Open Source Hardware (y el de mucha gente amiga) destacado en Nature :)

Toda la nota acá

Credit: Stuart Robinson/Univ. Sussex

Algunos quotes de varixs amigues en el articulo:

“The idea that scientists build their own equipment is as old as science,” Tom Baden

“Open science and DIY biology can fix the technological gap we are facing in Africa.” Thomas Mboa

“We basically don’t buy stuff any more,” Dice Joshua Pearce.

“Hardware is the last barrier that we need to break before science really becomes more widely available,” Andre Chagas

“by building the OpenFlexure microscope in Tanzania, we make sure that when it breaks, there’s someone local who’s able to fix it” Richard Bowman

“We estimate that you can save at least 80–90% of the cost of an enzyme by producing your own,” Jenny Molloy

“It’s only when you go out in the field that you realize all these small things that can completely kill your fancy technology,” Navjot Kaur

“Many times, there’s this perception that science needs to be very fancy,” Lucia Prieto

“The fact that if you can dream of anything, you go to your garage and then start printing it out, it’s so empowering,” Jephias Gwamuri,

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