GOSH_2018 en la prensa

Journal Articles

Maia Chagas A (2018) Haves and have nots must find a better way: The case for open scientific hardware. PLoS Biol 16(9): e3000014.

1. Shenzhen News: finance and economics channel

2. Shenzhen News

3. Maker TV


1. Shenzhen Evening News

2.Guangzhou Daily <<broken link>>

3.Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

4. La Nación.

5. Telam.

1. China Daily

2. Southern Metropolis Daily

3. Shenzhen Evening News

4. PhoenixNet

5. Shenzhen Government Online

6. Tencent News


8. OEI

(For GOSH press in 2017 go here )


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