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Websites (blogs, institutos, etc):


  • Digital Social Innovation Toolkit (Online)
  • Sage Assembly 2017: Mapping Open Research Ecosystems (Seattle, US)
  • Global Community Biotechnology Summit (MIT Media Lab, US)
  • Maker Faire Xi’an
  • Viritual Institute of Responsible Innovation Annual Meeting (Arizona State University, US)
  • New Scientist Live (ExCEL Centre, London, UK).
  • Hardware Científico Abierto y Tecnologías Libres, en CiACiAr2017. (https://goo.gl/XMMeXb)
  • OpenCon 2017, Berlin (https://goo.gl/F6RoGa)
  • 32° National Women Encounter in October 2017 – Argentina, in the Science & Technology sessions. (https://goo.gl/sHcYA2)


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