FluoPi wins the Anniversary Prize of PLOS Open Source Toolkit Channel

Thanks to all of you who voted for our article!

Our FluoPi imaging station won the PLOS Channels Anniversary Prize: https://twitter.com/PLOS

PLOS Open Source Toolkit Channel Prize 2018.

The Channel Editors have nominated 4 of their top Editor’s Picks since the launch of the channel a year ago and you now have the opportunity to vote for your favourite paper. The winning authors will receive a US$500 prize.

The shortlisted papers were:

1. Lake et al: Low-cost feedback-controlled syringe pressure pumps for microfluidics applications

2. Nuñez et al: Low cost and open source multi-fluorescence imaging system for teaching and research in biology and bioengineering

3. McKenzie & Grover: A microfluidic thermometer: Precise temperature measurements in microliter- and nanoliter-scale volumes

4. Pavlosky et al: Validation of an effective, low cost, Free/open access 3D-printed stethoscope


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