Bioengineering workshop @UACh (Rudge lab, Federici lab, Kausel lab, UACh Fablab, Biohack Vilú, OpenBio and TECNOx)

The Rudge and Federici lab run a workshop at UACh organized by Gudrun Kausel. This workshop combined lectures and hands-on lab sessions for undergrads, postgraduates and high school students & teachers. We covered several topics: DNA Fab (Golden Gate and Gibson assembly), open source hardware, open source code for modelling biology, open DNA repositories, and much more. We heard from OpenBio UChile, BioBuilder_Chile Team, UACh FabLab, TECNOx 3.0 organizers and Biohack Vilú. Once again, thanks to Gudy, Tim, Tama and Isaac for such a great work!



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