We organize/participate in several initiatives, such as TECNOx and GOSH, that promote the adoption and development of Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in Latin America and worldwide. By Free/Libre and Open Source, we mean working practices and licenses that guarantee open access to methods, blueprints, documentation and resources as well as freedom to use, modify, sell* and redistribute technology.

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(*)= open source technology can be commercialized (e.g. Opentrons, Sparkfun, openQCM,  Backyard Brains, openBCI, and more)


GOSH Gathering for Open Science Hardware Manifesto:

The Global Open Science Hardware (GOSH) movement seeks to reduce barriers between diverse creators and users of scientific tools to support the pursuit and growth of knowledge. These are our principles:
GOSH is accessible
GOSH makes science better
GOSH is ethical
GOSH changes the culture of science
GOSH democratizes science
GOSH has no high priests
GOSH empowers people
GOSH has no black boxes
GOSH is impactful tools
GOSH allows multiple futures for science